torsdag den 13. oktober 2016

Savage Shadowrun: The release with more equipment

Hello folks

I have made a new version of the Savage Shadowrun rulebook. The main attraction is a bunch of new equipment i have cooked up, including
  • Fake Licenses
  • Security and Survival gear
  • Sensors, cameras and other such things
  • Comms and Jammers
Likewise, the Gear packages have been changed slightly to accommodate the new equipment. I have also written down rules for how to handle Maglocks in a sensible way.

The new rules are up now in the archive to the right.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome conversion! Will try it on our "nerdday" at school (I am a highschool teacher).
    I only missed an adept archetype (gunslinger, maybe?).
    I hope you keep releasing this stuff!
    Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Hello Cassio

    To make a Gunslinger Adept easily, i would start with the Mercenary archetype and make the following changes

    1) Decrease Vigor by one step, to D6. This means that toughness goes down by one
    2) Replace Driving D6 with Equilibrium D6
    3) Replace the Edges with Arcane Background (Adept), Ambidextrous, and Two-Fisted
    4) Use the "Gunslinger Adept" gear package, instead of the "Mercenary" one.

    This assumes that the character is human. If they're not, remove the "Ambidextrous" edge.